School Uniform

Please ensure all uniform is clearly marked with the child’s name.

Children should look smart when wearing their school uniform. All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Hairstyles:  Hair should be tidy and of a suitable style for school. Hairstyles should be suitable for school with no extremes of fashion. Cut styles must be blended, not stepped. Hair should not be unnaturally coloured. Hair should not be cut so short that the scalp is showing. For health and safety reasons, hair that is shoulder length or longer should be tied back in all lessons.

Hair Accessories: all hair accessories should be in school colours i.e. royal blue, red or white.

Jewellery: Children should only be wearing small, plain stud earrings to school. No hoops, sleepers or patterned earrings should be worn, and pupils will be asked to remove earrings which are not suitable.

Top coat: any style may be worn but it should be plain.

Reception children: should wear royal polo shirts without a tie for the whole academic year.

Summer uniform should be worn from the beginning of the Summer term. 

Summer uniform or Winter uniform can be worn for the the month of September. 

Winter uniform is worn from October to the end of the Spring Term. 

You can purchase uniform with:

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Summer Uniform 1

(Worn in March, April, May, June, July,
September and October)

  • St Joseph’s Polo Shirt
  • Grey Shorts
  • Black Shoes.
Summer Uniform 2
(Worn in March, April, May, June, July,
September and October)
uniform, SJS bracknell, Primary Cathilic School
  • St Joseph’s School Sweatshirt/Cardigan
  • Light Blue Checked Summer Dress or Light
  • Blue Checked Summer skirt and top
  • White Socks
  • Black Shoes
Winter Uniform 2
(Worn from October, November,
December, January, February & March)
  • Joseph’s School Sweatshirt/Cardigan
  • White blouse
  • St Joseph’s School Tie (Blue and Silver Stripe)
  • Grey Skirt or Pinafore
  • White socks or Grey Tights
  • Black Shoes
Winter Uniform 1
(Worn from October, November,
December, January, February & March)
sjs winter uniform
  • St Joseph’s School Sweatshirt
  • White Shirt
  • St Joseph’s School Tie (Blue and Silver Stripe)
  • Grey Trousers
  • Grey/black socks
  • Black Shoes

PE Kit

  • Blue T-Shirt
  • Royal Blue Shorts (plain)
  • Black round neck St. Joseph’s PE Jumper
  • Black jogger bottoms.
  • PLAIN trainers
  • Socks
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Please note, for safety reasons,  jewellery is not allowed to be worn at school. However if a child has pierced ears they are permitted to wear small gold studs which must be covered during PE lessons

St. Joseph’s PE uniform/kit

St. Joseph’s PE kit/uniform can be worn all year.

To ensure all children look smart we ask that all children wear the following clothing:

  • A navy blue sweatshirt with the school logo
  • Royal blue shorts or navy blue jogger sweatpants. Leggings are not allowed.
  • Royal blue T Shirt with school logo or  plain white TShirt.
  • White socks
  • Trainers

Earrings in Physical Education: Earrings must be removed for Physical Education. As a school we have a duty of care to ensure that students are able to participate actively without unnecessarily endangering themselves or those working around them.  Moreover, where possible, children refrain from wearing earrings on PE days, particularly in the younger year groups. In line with this, we would request that if children wear earrings on their PE day, they are entirely independent to remove and replace their earrings as adults are unable to help the children to do this. Should a child wear earrings to school on PE day, we would ask that they are provided with a small purse or wallet to keep their earrings safe and this should be kept in their PE bag. The school cannot be responsible for earrings being lost.

We always encourage families to wait until the 6 week summer holiday period to have new ear piercings, however know that at times this is not possible. Should a child be within the 6 weeks immediately after having their ears pierced, we would ask a parent/guardian to write to us, informing of the date when the earrings will be able to be removed and that you understand the risks involved with your child wearing earrings when participating in PE as highlighted below:

Should tape be worn to cover the earrings, parents must note the following Health & Safety guidance: “The amount of tape used needs to  be  sufficient  to  prevent  the  piercing  penetrating, for  example,  the  bone  behind  the  ear  should  an  unintentional  blow  be  received  from someone or some item of equipment, such as a ball.”

For safely, a child’s participation in a lesson may be adapted to ensure that their participation is safe. This may involve the child having different tasks assigned to them during the practical element of the lesson, in order to keep them safe.

Our uniform and appearance expectations are below.  Uniform can be purchased from:

Lost Property

As the children wear school uniform and articles of clothing are almost identical, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT ALL ITEMS, INCLUDING SOCKS/TIGHTS AND HATS, ARE CLEARLY MARKED WITH THE CHILD’S NAME.