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13th May 2022
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Overall, the mortality and hospitalisation rates as a result from COVID 19 (C19) are falling. However, cases on the ground especially in schools are high. This is impacting both children and staff attendance…

4th February 2022

In the week after all Covid restrictions have been lifted by the Government, we have had another busy and quite difficult week at school with a large number of pupils absent and a not insignificant number of staff off too. The children have been remarkably resilient and have been continuing with their learning nonetheless…

24th January 2022

What a very busy start to 2022! With trying to manage our Ofsted visitors and the increasing rise in COVID cases across the school, we have all been kept very busy. All schools are currently experiencing an exponential increase in COVID cases. To date, we have positive cases in all year groups bar Year 5 & 6. We are required to follow the government position on self-isolation guidance…

3rd January 2022

Masks: We ask all parents to wear a mask when on the school site i.e. carpark. This is especially important when queuing to collect your child and when dropping/collecting your child at morning or after school club/activities.

PE Days: (Remember to wear your PE kit)
Year 1: Tuesday & Wednesday
Year 2: Monday & Thursday
Year 3: Thursday & Friday
Year 4: Monday &Tuesday
Year 5: Monday & Friday
Year 6: Wednesday & Friday