Why is attendance important?

Being in school is important to your child’s achievement, wellbeing, and wider development. Evidence shows that the students with the highest attendance throughout their time in school gain the best GCSE and A level results.

Research found that pupils who performed better both at the end of primary and secondary school missed fewer days than those who didn’t perform as well. For example, data from 2019 shows that 84% of Key Stage 2 pupils who had 100% attendance achieved the expected standard, compared to 40% of pupils who were persistently absent across the key stage.

The school day is split into two sessions – one session counts as a morning or afternoon spent in school. Pupils who have missed more than 10% of school sessions are considered persistently absent.

Is my child too ill for school?

It can be tricky deciding whether or not to keep your child off school or nursery when they’re unwell.

It’s usually appropriate for parents and carers to send their children to school with mild respiratory illnesses, including general cold symptoms like a minor cough, runny nose or sore throat.

If you do keep your child at home, it’s important to phone the school or nursery on the first day. Let them know that your child won’t be in and give them the reason.

If your child is well enough to go to school but has an infection that could be passed on, such as a cold sore or head lice, let their teacher know.

Please note that there are government guidelines for schools and nurseries about managing specific infectious diseases at GOV.UK. These say when children should be kept off school and when they shouldn’t.

Reporting a child’s absence due to illness

  • Telephone 01344 425246
  • Please state clearly your child’s name and class
  • Please give reason for absence – giving details of their illness

If your child is not in school and the school staff have received no information regards the absence, the first contact will be telephoned. If no contact is made the 2nd and/or 3rd contact will be telephoned. If the school is unable to contact any of the three primary contacts, a member of school staff may visit the home or social care may be informed.

Should your child have an early morning doctor, dentist or hospital appointment please contact the school office.  A copy of any relevant appointment letters may be requested.

For all other absences, a ‘Leave of Absence Form’ should be completed. These can be obtained from the school office.