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Footsteps Nursery Curriculum

Our curriculum is based around our six images of the child which provides the foundation of our pedagogical approach:

1. Effective communicators – we recognise that children communicate in different ways, and we will support children to express their feelings, wishes
and needs.
2. To develop creatively and to be critical thinkers – supporting children to be active learners, inquisitive, curious in order to learn new skills and acquire
new knowledge.
3. To be respectful and form positive relationships – have awareness of their place in the school and wider community treating others with kindness,
thoughtfully, fairly and without discrimination.
4. To be resilient and recognise that they are unique –to develop children’s confidence so they can freely explore, and not be afraid to make and lean
from mistakes.
5. To take risks – enjoy new experiences and adventures, embrace challenge and independently make their own choices.
6. To work as an individual and part of a team to actively solve problems – developing their confidence and taking pride in what they do with a real
sense of accomplishment

With our images in mind, we aim for the children to leave our Nursery on track for their developmental age in preparation for school and life.
Development Matters-We will use curriculum guidance for the early years foundation stage to check children are secure in their learning. Observation
checkpoints will help us to notice if a child is at risk of falling behind and we can then make decisions about what sort of support is needed

Footsteps Nursery accepts children from 3 years of age!

Flexible, affordable and quality wrap around childcare for children, 3-5 years  (7.45am – 6pm).

Located within St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school, near Bracknell town centre, we provide a welcoming, caring and safe place where your child can experiment and have fun, learn from play and grow in confidence.

With daily reading and singing times as well as access to a wide range of resources, your child will benefit from many carefully designed activities.

Our highly qualified staff encourage children to explore and be active across our varied facilities which not only include our extensive indoor setting but also a covered patio, tarmacked playground and the use of the school field and woodland.

We aim to provide fully flexible provision and can offer up to 30 hours FREE Nursery places for 3 & 4 year olds between 9am and 3pm, term time only.

You can top up these Nursery sessions through using our morning and After School Club which starts as early as 7.45am and finish at 6pm (these will incur additional charges).
We also offer a nutritious school meal every day for a small charge or alternatively your child can bring in a packed lunch. Healthy snacks are available free of charge throughout the day.

For further information please
 contact us on 01344 425246
 email

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